Web design & development

We have been building websites since 2005 and we offer anything from basic CSS & HTML websites to our popular #CMS Websites build on the Webshift platform. We also offer more complex websites like E-commerce websites.

Examples of our CSS & HTML websites:


Examples of our popular #CMS websites built on the Webshift platform:


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Branding & Graphic Design

We offer all sorts of branding and graphic design for your business including our Corporate ID branding package, e-mail branding as well as any print design your business might need. See our home and portfolio pages for examples of our work.

Social Media Management

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to name but a few) has grown tremendously in the past few years. Everyone is having their say on these platforms and if you want to tap into a cost effective, promising marketing field we suggest you invest in social media for your business. We can help set up, brand and manage your social media for you which will save your business much time and effort and still maintain that necessary online presence. Please contact us for more information.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

These days it is imperative that your business is found online. We offer basic SEO with all the necessities to get you noticed on the search engines.

Design Courses & Training

We recently started offering Design courses (Social Media, Web & Graphic Design) and basic computer (Microsoft programmes & Windows) training. If interested, please contact us. We can work out a package to suit your needs.